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Licensing Private Label and Distribution Agreements

As your business grows and expands, you will have to create a distribution network and deal with a number of companies within your chain of supply. This will open up your business to new marketplaces, but you will have to protect your brand. Creating agreements with importers, distributors and service providers while protecting your intellectual property can prove challenging. A New York business attorney will be needed to create license agreements, private label agreements and distribution relationships.

License agreements

Creating reasonable and enforceable licensing agreements can help you expand your business while protecting your intellectual property rights. Your licensing agreements will establish royalty structures, renewal guidelines, payment obligations and enforcement. You will need an attorney to develop the licensing and agreement framework that can be used across state lines and on a consistent basis.

Private label agreements

If you are a manufacturer or an importer of a product, you will need to establish your private label. This is a form of licensing and distribution in which you will sell or distribute a product under their label, trademark or brand. Protecting the underlying brand name and property is key to a sound private label agreement.

Distribution relationships

Distribution relationships exist between manufacturers, importers and distributers. It is crucial that an agreement is in place that protects the brand. Businesses can change over time and if the distribution relationship agreement is not consistent, it could lead to complications. You need formal agreements in place that cover all entities and parties involved in your business including your own employees and sales staff. You are inviting more people into your business when you establish new relationships, so you must protect your private information even more than before.

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