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FDD Renewal Resource Hub

Schedule Your Strategy Session

Let's Prepare for 2024! As we enter Q4 our team is planning your 2024 FDD, registrations, and renewal strategy and would like to schedule a planning session with your team.

Our team is preparing for 2024 by implementing best practice driven FDD updates and enhancements. We have also started the planning process for improving Item 19's, planning registration and renewal strategies, and implementing the necessary processes to evaluate balance sheets and prepare for potential state specific financial assurance requirements.

2024 FDD Goals include:

  • Setting strategy sessions and meetings (now) with our clients to prepare for 2024
  • Completing our 2024 FDD updates by December 31, 2023 so that the FDD is ready to deploy in January 2024
  • Upgrading and enhancing Item 19's to enhance competitive advantages
  • Avoid registration and renewal delays
  • Plan ahead and anticipate potential state specific financial assurance requirements.

Please contact our team to schedule your strategy call. If you already scheduled your call, check out our resources below.

Audited Financials

One of the most important factors in ensuring and proactively receiving registration and renewals is getting your audit as soon as possible. We recommend the following actions to help improve the processing of your FDD:

  1. Let's schedule a call with your accountant
    We'd be glad to participate to discuss the need for an early audit. Let's see how we can assist in getting early information. To avoid registration delays, our goal date to receive your audit is February 15, 2024.
  2. Have your accountants conduct a Q4 Review of your Balance Sheet
    The impact of accounting standard ASC 606 - requiring deferral of initial franchise fee recognition - continues to impact balance sheets and franchisor equity. In turn, reduced shareholder equity can can trigger the imposition of state specific financial assurance requirements. Before Q4 ends, its important to assess and review your shareholder and member equity and whether or not financial assurance requirements may be imposed and, if so steps that we should start taking now.
  3. Financial assurance requirements
    Here is a link to our guide on financial assurance requirements.

FDD Franchise Financial Assurance Requirements

FDD Updates and Upgrades

It's required to disclose whether there have been any material changes to your FDD. Please let us know if there are changes, specifically, to these items:

  • Management Team
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Rebates
  • Brand Development Fund
  • Outlets Opened/Closed

Update Your FDD

More planning resources

Schedule Your 2024 Planning Call with our team by contacting our team.