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Specialized Business and Franchise Law Firm

Welcome to The Internicola Law Firm - a Specialized Business and Franchise Law Firm.

The Internicola Law Firm provides specialized legal representation for entrepreneurs, business owners and businesses focused on business expansion, development and protection. We assist our clients in the expansion of their existing business, the establishment of a new business, the protection of their shareholder and partnership interests and the implementation of business and legal systems to support growth, protect intellectual property and avoid unnecessary risk.

Established by nationally recognized business and franchise attorney Charles N. Internicola - a business owner, entrepreneur and franchisor himself - The Internicola Law Firm is comprised of a team of professionals who understand the value of your business, the work and effort that you have invested to make your business a success or, "soon to be success", and the legal services that will add value to your business.

Our business and franchise law services relate to select transactional and litigation practice areas related to Business Expansion, Business Protection, Partnership Disputes and General Counsel Services for Your Business. We welcome you to learn more by selecting from the practice areas listed above.

Getting Started and Contacting Our Client Coordinator

To get started and learn more about how we may be of assistance, add value for your business and protect your business interests, contact our Client Coordinator - Samantha Surowiec - at 800. 976. 4904 or by email to schedule a consultaion with one of our professionals.

Adding EXTRAordinary Value to Your Business

The services and legal representation that we provide - whether for business transactions, litigation or general counsel for your business - are focused, exclusively, on "adding extraordinary business value". How do we do this? Well, the Internicola Law Firm, PC is not a general practice firm - we don't do everything - and our specialized representation, whether in a business transaction or litigation, is limited to specialized areas where we excel in getting valuable results for our clients. To create this value, our representation is always focused on the underlying "business task" whether expanding your business through franchising, protecting your trademarks and intellectual property, dealing with issues of corporate governance or dealings with a  partnership dispute. Our "General Counsel Program for Your Business" services are focused on adding a form of "legal insurance" by creating streamlined agreements, litigation prevention and other day-to-day counsel services that, over time, avoid unnecessary risk and add big value.

Are We a Good Fit?

If you are searching for a solution or solutions for your business - real ones - and you are interested in learning more about how we may assist you and if we may be the "right fit", we encourage you to learn more about our servicesour professionals,  and what others have to say about our services.

We look forward to learning more about your business!

Charles Internicola
National Business and Franchise Lawyer