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Celebrity Chef Duff Goldman Launches Duff's Cakemix Franchise

Duff's Cakemix Franchise

The world needs more cake - and franchisor Duff Goldman is making sure we get it.

After graduating from culinary school and launching his own cake-decorating business from a one-bedroom apartment in Baltimore, Maryland, Duff went on to establish the legendary Charm City Cakes in 2002. Just four years later, the baker landed his own hit show, “Ace of Cakes,” on the Food Network – and took the culinary world by storm with his bakery’s unique creations and quirky culture.

These days, Duff, who is now based in California, has his eye on yet another successful culinary venture – and this time, it’s one that’s made to scale.

A culture of fun (and a dash of inspiration)

With an emphasis on cake decorating as an outlet for creativity and a catalyst for connection, Duff’s Cakemix – the first do-it-yourself cake and cupcake decorating studio in Los Angeles and a client of The Internicola Law Firm since 2021 – is a franchise on a mission to inspire creativity in others by making cake and cupcake decorating simple, accessible and, most importantly, fun for everyone that walks into any of the brand’s multiple West Coast locations.

For the celebrity baker turned franchisor, fun is an ingredient that’s baked into the culture at Duff’s Cakemix – and it’s something every customer can feel when they walk in the door. Whether they’re an experienced baker who knows their way around a commercial kitchen or someone that has never turned on an oven before, the brand’s goal is to make every cake decorating experience a good time.

Focusing on simplicity

With four locations around the Greater Los Angeles area and new stores opening soon in Irvine, California and Dallas, Texas, Duff’s Cakemix is on a roll when it comes to franchise expansion.

To continue expanding while helping new franchisees succeed in their business without the need for formal cake decorating experience or an extensive culinary background, Duff’s Cakemix bakes a special ingredient into everything they do: simplicity.

With recipes and baking left to the professionals, a simplified process allows franchisees to achieve their goals while providing customers with unique cake decorating experiences delivered both in-studio and to their homes or offices, Duff’s Cakemix has mastered the art of simplicity – and franchising success.

A recipe for success

In a highly competitive digital world, marketing can be challenging for franchisees – especially while trying to run their business successfully.

To support franchisees in overcoming those challenges and other business-related obstacles, Duff’s Cakemix has taken a supportive approach. Offering help with marketing and social media, alongside other business development needs, Duff’s Cakemix ensures its franchise business owners have the assistance they need to thrive.

Alongside the brand’s low equipment, maintenance and overhead costs, franchising with Duff’s Cakemix is a sweet deal for franchisees.

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