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Home Buy a Franchise: FDD Review What Is The Cost To Have A FDD Reviewed By A Franchise Lawyer When Purchasing A Franchise?

A Fixed Fee for The Entire Franchise Purchase and Negotiation Process

When it comes to the purchase of a franchise – over the many years of assisting clients with their FDD reviews – we have developed specific franchise review programs with a fixed legal fee. The fixed legal fee means that you will know the exact cost that you will be paying with no variation no matter how long the FDD review and franchise agreement review takes – no matter how many consultations that you require and no matter how extensive the negotiations are with the franchisor. The fixed fee varies depending on the franchise and we would be glad to let you know the applicable fee for your review. To learn more about what the for specific FDD review will be for you, we recommend scheduling a complimentary conference call with national franchise lawyer Charles N. Internicola at (800) 976-4904 or filling out our contact form.

During the conference call with Mr. Internicola, Esq. you will get some great information about buying a franchise, the specific fixed fee that would apply to your franchise purchase and, most important, information about the road map that we follow to ensure that your FDD review is comprehensive and makes a difference in your franchise investment decision.

A Timely Review and a Comprehensive Program

We are extremely strict with our timelines and deadlines – so this means that when working with our franchisee clients (throughout the United States) we are in constant communication with you and that your initial FDD review (where Mr. Internicola has first spoken with you, reviewed the FDD, prepared a detailed review and analysis of the FDD and franchise agreement) is complete within 5 business days. After that We schedule follow up conference calls with Mr. Internicola for the two of you to work together to ensure address “red flags” and issues raised in the FDD review and to finalize a proposed franchise agreement modification. After that are negotiations with the franchisor.

Learn More – Before Signing a Franchise Agreement

Whether you work with us or not, if you’re considering buying a franchise, we recommend following these steps

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