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Insights from The Franchise King® for Franchisors Who Want to Up Their Game

In this webinar, franchise lawyer Charles Internicola and The Franchise King®, Joel Libava discuss how franchisors can improve their system for their franchisees.

Charles and Joel talk about:

  • What franchisors need to know about the journey franchisees go through before buying a franchise
  • What Joel Libava looks for in a quality franchisor
  • A different perspective on what to look for in an FDD
  • Mistakes that prospective franchisees make when evaluating franchisors
  • Advice for franchisors on building an honest franchise system that can achieve long term growth
  • How franchisors can evaluate if a franchisee is a good fit for their system
  • Free tools to understand your franchisee’s net worth

For more information about growing your franchise, call us at (800) 976-4904.

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