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Home Webinars Leveraging PR & Digital Media to Jumpstart Franchise Sales

Key strategies to accelerate franchise growth for startup and emerging franchisors

In this webinar, franchise attorney Charles Internicola and Nick Powills, founder of No Limit Agency and 1851 Franchise, discuss key strategies to accelerate franchise growth through PR and digital media.

Some topics include:

  • Steps franchisors should take when it comes to marketing and promoting their future franchise before they franchise
  • How to position a franchise brand to succeed to win long term
  • The role of PR in the franchise sales process
  • How franchisors should tell their story
  • Biggest mistakes emerging franchise brands are making in developing their marketing and sales materials
  • How franchisors can use PR, storytelling, and brand development to win big in terms of franchise sales
  • Real world examples
  • Much more

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