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Home Welcome to Franchisee University Chapter 1 Lesson 3: What is the Franchisor / Franchisee Relationship?

In Lesson 2, Mr. Internicola discussed important franchise terms, including who is the “franchisor” and who is the “franchisee”. So, by now you understand that if you are buying a franchise then you are on your way to becoming a franchisee. But, what does that really mean? Well, in this video Charles Internicola, Esq. describes the “franchisor / franchisee relationship” and what you need to know about this “dependent” relationship.

Lesson Summary

  • The franchisor / franchisee relationship is a dependent relationship.
  • The franchisor establishes business systems, the operating business, and grants franchisees the right to establish their own franchise location.
  • As a franchisee, you have rights and obligations. You will be acquiring the right to use the franchisor’s trademarks, to follow their business systems and to rely on them for support.
  • Franchisee obligations relate to establishing a franchise location, running the franchise location, and taking the necessary day-to-day steps to make your business successful.

The next step is knowing the process when buying a franchise. Lesson 4 to learn what you need to know as a franchisee.


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