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If you are considering franchising chances are that one of the many questions that you may have relates to the franchising process itself and how long it will take to franchise your business. While there are exceptions and variation (see factors discussed below) at The Internicola Law Firm the franchise development process (measured from the date that we are retained and after we have evaluated your business and have created a development plan (typically a 2 week process) typically takes 6 months. During this 6 month period, we will evaluate your business, consult with you about your options and preferences and various models that may be adopted, the protection of your trademarks and the development of a multi-state FDD, franchise agreement and compliance program.

Factors that may impact the time that it will take to franchise your business will depend on:

  • The stage of the development process that your business is at;
  • The status of your trademarks, and what we have to do to protect them;
  • Your business systems;
  • Your marketing systems; and
  • How much time you have to work with us.

Sometimes, in certain situations (which we will identify and discuss with you before we get started), we may require more time – we want to make sure you are ready to franchise. Remember, once you launch your franchise system, there are going to be a number of obligations and business issues that you need to address correctly. The worst thing you could do is rush and start franchising when you are not fully prepared.

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