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The Internicola Law Firm, P.C. Blog

A Blog All About the Expansion and Protection of Your Business and Business Interests

The Internicola Law Firm Blog is all about the expansion, protection and improvement of your business and business interests. In this popular publication Charles N. Internicola, Esq. and the attorneys at The Internicola Law Firm discuss important issues involving:

  • Franchising Your Business;
  • Buying a Franchise;
  • Business Transactions;
  • Partnership Disputes; and
  • Legal counsel for your business

Strategic Planning for Small Business: What We Have Learned So Far

In last month’s Business & Franchise Law Report, I briefly mentioned the book “Scaling Up” and my confession that as a business owner one task that I needed to do a much better job of was putting in place a “strategic plan” for our law firm.

Date: 07/31/2015 | Category: Business Transactions

Can Your Business Partners Fire You?

This is a question that comes up often when dealing with closely-held corporations and business disputes between partners. I will get to the answer (some discussion is required) but a key point to know is that even though you are a shareholder and owner your partners may still be able…

Date: 07/26/2015 | Category: Partnership Disputes

Squeeze-Out Mergers: Can Your Business Partners Force You to Sell?

They can but there are a number of safe-guards that you may be afforded as a minority or non-controlling shareholder. The scenario that arises is whether or not majority or controlling shareholders can propose and advance a corporate merger and in the merger process force the buy-out of your rights…

Date: 07/24/2015 | Category: Partnership Disputes

Licensing Private Label and Distribution Agreements

As your business grows and expands, you will have to create a distribution network and deal with a number of companies within your chain of supply. This will open up your business to new marketplaces, but you will have to protect your brand. Creating agreements with importers, distributors and service…

Date: 07/20/2015 | Category: Business Transactions

Officers, Shareholders or Directors: Who is In Charge of a NY Corporation?

This issue comes up often and is often confused because the vast majority of New York corporations and businesses are small closely-held businesses. That is, they are businesses where the shareholders are also the employees and officers of the company. That is you start a business, you have one or…

Date: 07/14/2015 | Category: Partnership Disputes

How Fiduciary Rights Come into Play in a Partnership

Every business partnership is built on “fiduciary duty,” and every partner has duties and obligations to the others. In essence, each partner must deal with one another in good faith. When partners are acting in good faith, they are behaving in a manner that is in the collective best interest…

Date: 07/13/2015 | Category: Partnership Disputes

How to Manage a Partnership Dispute

Partnership disputes can happen at any business. While these disputes can undermine the value of your equity interests and put your whole business in jeopardy, they are manageable if proper steps are taken in a timely manner. Often, identifying the problem, collecting information and opening communication can prevent future disputes….

Date: 07/09/2015 | Category: Partnership Disputes

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Franchise Unit

Selecting a good site can make the difference between franchise success and failure.

Date: 06/24/2015 | Category: Buy a Franchise

The Importance of Choosing the Right Franchisee

A franchise’s success relies on that of its franchisees. Therefore, make sure you choose people with the right qualifications to run your franchise units.

Date: 06/19/2015 | Category: Start a Franchise

How Minority Shareholders and Partners Can Fight Arbitration Provisions

Don’t let an arbitration provision stop you from protecting your business interests.

Date: 06/16/2015 | Category: Partnership Disputes