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Intellectual Property Registration and Litigation Services

Protecting Your Most Important Business Assets

Your trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets (such as customer lists, sources of supply, pricing information and employee confidentiality) and, potentially, design and utility patents constitute core business assets that require protection and a proactive plan of action. If you fail to treat these "intangible" assets as valuable and to take the necessary steps to register and protect them, then you will lose them to competitors, former employees and the marketplace. Basically, the value of your intellectual property will reflect the effort and planning that you put into these assets.

For product distributors, service providers, franchisors and importers, the protection of your intellectual property need not be complex and, in many instances, simply requires some basic planning. At the Internicola Law Firm, PC we provide Intellectual property monitoring, registration and protection services related to:


Our services include the registration, monitoring and maintenance of your trademarks including filing of USPTO registration applications, evaluation of new marks, filing of cancellation proceedings against competing marks and representation in litigation involving claims of trademark and trade dress infringement.

Trade Secrets and Confidentiality

The life blood of many businesses relates to the confidential and "inside" information maintained as to sources of supply, customer lists, customer information, pricing information and internal development plans. Protection of these "trade secrets" and confidential information requires a protection program that is focused on establishing a framework for preserving confidentiality (i.e., confidentiality agreements, non-disclosures and employee acknowledgments) and, when necessary, enforcing your rights through litigation designed to protect your information and slow down or stop new competitors.

Design Patents

Design patents offer a form of protection similar to trade dress. If you are a product distributor, you should not overlook the significance of obtaining prosecuting and obtaining design patents and, when necessary, protecting the look and feel of your products through litigation and cease and desist notifications focused on the protection afforded by a design patent.

A Proactive Plan of Action

Your intellectual property is a critical asset that requires a proactive protection plan. Taking steps today - whether through registrations, cease and desist notifications and properly structured confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements - will enhance the value of your business, leverage your competitive advantage and avoid unnecessary expense in the future. At the Internicola Law Firm we don't leave intellectual property to chance and offer our clients consistent and timely programs that add value to their business. Learn more and contact our client coordinator at (718) 979-8688 or (800) 976-4904 .

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by Charles Internicola
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