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Intellectual Property Posts


Intellectual Property: A Two Sided Coin for Franchisors and Entrepreneurs

If you are a successful franchisor or entrepreneur (of a non-franchised business), chances are that you place great priority on the development of your intellectual property such as your trademarks, trade designs, and innovations that may be the subject of a patent. While successful business owners and entrepreneurs are great…

Date: 02/29/2016 | Category: Intellectual Property

Trademark vs. Copyright: Which Do You Need?

Launching a small business often means needing to protect your intellectual property. The type of protection you need – patent, trademark, or copyright – depends on the type of intellectual property you need to have protected and the protections required.

Date: 10/10/2015 | Category: Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Trademark from Infringement

Your trademark identifies your company and your products. It’s on your storefront, your letterhead and business card. When your clients see your trademark, they come to expect a certain level of quality. Therefore, you must protect your trademark to ensure that others do not infringe on your business or ruin…

Date: 08/18/2015 | Category: Intellectual Property

Juice Maker Loses Trademark Case

An important part of owning a business is protecting your brand and preventing competitors from stealing your business. For the second time, Pom Wonderful has been denied the right to stop a rival company from selling a pomegranate-flavored energy drink that has a similar name. According to a report in…

Date: 08/13/2015 | Category: Intellectual Property

Is Google’s Trademark in Danger?

Google has grown far beyond an online search engine. In addition to being one of the most valuable brands in the world, Google has become part of our language. You don’t search something online, you Google it. But, Google’s name being part of the language puts the company trademark in…

Date: 08/06/2015 | Category: Intellectual Property

What Legal Zoom May Not be Telling You

As an entrepreneur and a lawyer, I am actually somewhat of a fan of Legal Zoom. No, I don’t use their services and I would not recommend that you file a trademark registration, patent or franchise review through them. However, incorporating a business through them can make sense. Why do…

Date: 03/26/2015 | Category: Intellectual Property

The Importance of Registering Your Trade Name

To have your trade name and business name protected by the USPTO‚ you will need to complete a registration process.

Date: 08/18/2010 | Category: Intellectual Property

Trademark and Service Mark infringement: Is it a Crime?

Service mark infringement is a very real crime and businesses can receive compensation when another business violates their registered service mark.

Date: 06/25/2010 | Category: Intellectual Property