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Articles and Publications by Charles Internicola About Buying a Gas Station in NY or NJ

If you are considering the purchase of a gas station in New York or New Jersey, the following articles by Charles N. Internicola, Esq. address important issues that you should evaluate and discuss with your business lawyer prior to signing any purchase agreement and prior to closing on the purchase of a gas station. These articles address issues involving tank ownership, environmental site assessments, pre-contract due diligence, potential impact of road repairs and how to approach the purchase of a gas station.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gas Station

In this article learn about three important factors to consider including whether or not the gas station is franchised or independent, the environmental history and ownership of pumps and tanks.

Buying a New York or New Jersey Car Wash or Gas Station: The Importance of an Environmental Site Assessment

Learn why you need an environmental site assessment even if you are only purchasing the gas station business but not the underlying property. As a tenant contamination and potential remediation may have a big impact on your new business.

Buying a New York or New Jersey Gas Station: Due Diligence

In this article learn about the critical role of due diligence when buying a business and particular due diligence issues that are unique to gas stations.

Buying a Gas Station or Car Wash You Need Land Lord Consent – No Matter What the Lease Says

In this article learn why you must obtain the landlords consent when purchasing a gas station. This consent is necessary even if the lease says otherwise.

Buying a New York or New Jersey Car Wash or Gas Station: Evaluate Potential Road Repairs

Not a major issue but nevertheless an important due diligence factor to consider before signing any purchase agreement. Are there significant road repairs planned that may impact traffic flow?

What Are Some Environmental Concerns Associated with Purchasing a Gas Station?

An environmental evaluation must start with a phase I site assessment which is, basically, a review of environmental records and history. Depending on the results a phase II study involving soil samples may be needed.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Purchasing a Gas Station?

In this article learn more about the steps to follow before signing a purchase agreement.

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