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Frequently Asked Questions

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Starting a Franchise FAQs

What individuals must be disclosed in FDD Item 2?


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Buying a Franchise FAQs

What Information Does a Franchise Disclosure Document Contain When Buying a Franchise?

What negotiated changes should a franchisee make to a franchise agreement?

Can I negotiate franchise fees with the franchisor?

Can I negotiate franchise royalty fees in the Franchise Agreement?

How are royalties calculated?

Will a franchisor provide me with marketing materials after I buy a franchise?

What legal factors influence my franchise investment?

How will my New Jersey Franchise Lawyer assist me in buying a franchise?

What is a Franchise Disclosure Attorney?


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Partnership Dispute FAQs

Business Partnership Litigation vs Negotiated Settlement - Which is More Cost Effective?

How Do I Tell if My Business Partner is Stealing from Me?

Should my shareholder and partnership lawyer hire a Forensic Accountant during my partnership dispute?

What is a key factor in avoiding trial if I have a Partnership Dispute?

What is an early warning sign that a partnership or shareholder dispute is approaching?

Can I file a lawsuit in a court even if my shareholder agreement contains an arbitration provision?

What is Minority Shareholder Oppression in New Jersey?

What is A New Jersey "Close Company" or "Closely-Held Corporation"?

Can I force a partner out of my New York business?

Can I force out a shareholder out of my New Jersey corporation?


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Business Transaction FAQs

What is a UCC-1?

What Does “Recast” Mean When Selling a Business?

What assets do I acquire when buying a car wash?

What is an “Intent to Use” trademark application?

Can I file a trademark application before I use the trademark?

What territory does my registered trademark cover?

Where should my trademark be filed?

Can a color be trademarked?

Can a design be trademarked?

Can a geographic term be trademarked?


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Business Litigation FAQs

Can I dissolve my New Jersey Business?

What is a deadlock in a New York Business?

What is a deadlock in a New Jersey Business?

Can a majority partner deny bonuses to minority partners and shareholders?

What are the By-Laws of a New York Corporation?

Will corporate "by-laws" play a role in my NY shareholder dispute?

Who is the lawyer who wrote the book on partnership disputes?

Can I stop my business partner from setting up a competing business?

Can I stop my business partner from locking me out of the business?

Can I sue my New Jersey business partner?


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Can employers enforce a non-compete agreement if you’re an at-will employee?

Do I Have to Worry About A Non-Compete When Dissolving My NY or NJ Business?

What Happens If I Violate The Non-Compete in My Employment Contract?

Legal Counsel FAQs

What is a New Jersey "closely held company?"

What is secondary meaning in relation to trademarks?


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