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Frequently Asked Questions

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Starting a Franchise FAQs

Will you use a generic cut and paste FDD when franchising my business?

How many months does it take to franchise my business?

What individuals must be disclosed in FDD Item 2?

Are NY Franchise Agreements Negotiable?

What is Franchising All About?

What Does it Mean to "Franchise Your Business"?

What are the Advantages to Franchising?

What are the Disadvantages to Franchising?

Does a Franchisor Need to Disclose in its FDD Negotiated Changes Made To a Franchise Agreement?

Are Franchisor's Required to Meet Capitalization Requirements As a Condition for State Registration?


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Buying a Franchise FAQs

What Information Does a Franchise Disclosure Document Contain When Buying a Franchise?

What negotiated changes should a franchisee make to a franchise agreement?

Can I negotiate franchise fees with the franchisor?

Can I negotiate franchise royalty fees in the Franchise Agreement?

How are royalties calculated?

Will a franchisor provide me with marketing materials after I buy a franchise?

What legal factors influence my franchise investment?

How will my New Jersey Franchise Lawyer assist me in buying a franchise?

What is a Franchise Disclosure Attorney?


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Partnership Dispute FAQs

Business Partnership Litigation vs Negotiated Settlement - Which is More Cost Effective?

How Do I Tell if My Business Partner is Stealing from Me?

Should my shareholder and partnership lawyer hire a Forensic Accountant during my partnership dispute?

What is a key factor in avoiding trial if I have a Partnership Dispute?

What is an early warning sign that a partnership or shareholder dispute is approaching?

Can I file a lawsuit in a court even if my shareholder agreement contains an arbitration provision?

What is Minority Shareholder Oppression in New Jersey?

What is A New Jersey "Close Company" or "Closely-Held Corporation"?

Can I force a partner out of my New York business?

Can I force out a shareholder out of my New Jersey corporation?


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Business Transaction FAQs

What is a UCC-1?

What Does “Recast” Mean When Selling a Business?

What assets do I acquire when buying a car wash?

What is an “Intent to Use” trademark application?

Can I file a trademark application before I use the trademark?

What territory does my registered trademark cover?

Where should my trademark be filed?

Can a color be trademarked?

Can a design be trademarked?

Can a geographic term be trademarked?


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Business Litigation FAQs

Can I dissolve my New Jersey Business?

What is a deadlock in a New York Business?

What is a deadlock in a New Jersey Business?

Can a majority partner deny bonuses to minority partners and shareholders?

What are the By-Laws of a New York Corporation?

Will corporate "by-laws" play a role in my NY shareholder dispute?

Who is the lawyer who wrote the book on partnership disputes?

Can I stop my business partner from setting up a competing business?

Can I stop my business partner from locking me out of the business?

Can I sue my New Jersey business partner?


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Confidentiality & Non-Compete FAQs

Can employers enforce a non-compete agreement if you’re an at-will employee?

In What Situations May a Non-Competition Agreement Need to Be Signed?

Are there New Jersey "Non-Compete" Lawyers?

Do I Have to Worry About A Non-Compete When Dissolving My NY or NJ Business?

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable?

What Makes a Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable?

What Happens If I Violate The Non-Compete in My Employment Contract?

How To Start a Business After Signing a Non-Compete?


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Legal Counsel FAQs

What is a New Jersey "closely held company?"

What is secondary meaning in relation to trademarks?


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