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The monthly Business and Franchise Law Report is written by National Business and Franchise Lawyer Charles N. Internicola is a favorite and among clients, business owners, entrepreneurs, media, family and friends. We can promise you one thing: “this is not your ordinary newsletter“. In this monthly report Mr. Internicola shares his experiences, business successes (and failures), business and legal insights that are designed to assist you in expanding and improving your business. Other features include business spotlights, franchise resources, great business books, entrepreneurship principals, law firm news and so much more.

Volume I featured articles including:

  • “Partnership Warning Signs”, Issue 3;
  • “Why I Would Rather ‘Stuff $40,000 In My Pants and Jump Off a Bridge’ Then Settle and Pay a Plaintiffs Lawyer”, Issue 4;
  • “Why You Need to Sometimes Lose The Battle To Win The War”, Issue 5;
  • “Business Expansion Options”, Issue 6; and
  • “The Internicola Law Firm Achieves [Clients’ Choice Award]…So We Go ATV Riding?”, Issue 7;
  • “Does Snow Cause Disputes Between Business Partners?”, Issue 8.

Volume II featured articles including:

  • “Business Success: You Need to Think Big While Others Fail to Act”, Issue 1
  • “To Succeed, Are You Ready to Lose Everything?”, Issue 2
  • “Defense, Pitch Counts, Little League Baseball and Business”, Issue 3
  • “Building a Successful Business: It is the Small Things That Matter Most”, Issue 4
  • “No Matter How Good Things Are Going, A Protection Plan is Required”, Issue 5
  • “Can You Entrepreneurs Save Our Country”?, Issue 6
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