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Intellectual Property Registration and Litigation Services

Services to Protect and Defend Your Trademarks and Intellectual Property

Your trademarks and intellectual property assets reach to the very core of your business, distinguish your business and serve to establish competitive advantages within the market place. These intellectual property assets come in many forms ranging from trademarks to customer lists to supplier relationships to non-competes, design patents and confidential information. How you identify, protect and defend these assets will determine their legal strength and long-term effectiveness. We assist entrepreneurs and businesses at every stage of the intellectual property protection process from the filing of trademark registrations to on-going counseling and advise as to maintain trademark protection and the implementation of strategies and corporate policies to secure the protectability of these mission critical IP assets. Our Services include:

Trademark Protection

Evaluation of trademarks, trademark searches, preparation of trademark applications and responding to United States Patent and Trademark Office Action Letters. Monitoring of trademarks, preparation of cease and desist notices and litigation involving trademark infringement and Lanham Act violations.

Trade Secrets and Confidentiality

Corporate counseling and strategies for protecting trade secrets and core “information assets” including sources of supply, customer lists, software source code, pricing and vendor information. Development and implementation of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for key employees and management teams.

Design Patents

Often overlooked but a strong counterpart to trademark protection, we assist our manufacturing and product distribution clients in establishing design patent protection and enforcing design patent rights for offensive and defensive purposes in litigation with competitors.

A Proactive Plan of Action

On an on-going basis we work with entrepreneurs and businesses across the country in developing proactive plans of action to establish, preserve and protect their intellectual property assets. These services are also a part of our Corporate Counsel Program and our Franchise Counsel Program where we actively monitor and support the intellectual property interests of our clients.

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