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The Book About Buying A Franchise Or Business

Charles N. Internicola’s acclaimed book, “An Entrepreneurs Guide to Purchasing A Business or Franchise“, is the “go to” resource for individuals evaluating the purchase of a business or franchise. In this book, business and franchise purchasers learn:

  • The 5 business buying myths;
  • How to evaluate “business assets”;
  • The critical importance of “due diligence”;
  • What to look for in your business lease;
  • Special factors for “franchisees”; and
  • The 5 mistakes that will (almost) guarantee a problem after your business purchase closes (and how to avoid them).

FOR A LIMITED TIME YOU CAN GET THE BOOK AT NO COST: If you are considering the purchase of a business or franchise, you may receive a free promotional copy of Charles Internicola’s “An Entrepreneurs Guide to Purchasing a Business or Franchise“. To automatically receive your free promotional copy, enter your contact information and click the submit button below. Your request is confidential and involves no obligation on your part.

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