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The Practical Guide About “Selling Your Business”

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If you are a business owner, whether you are considering selling your business a month from now or 20 years from now, ENDWISE the guide to selling your business with peace of mind, is a must read. The book covers the end-to-end process of selling your business from the first call you make to the day you walk away from your business.

In the book, Brian A. Lincer, Esq. discusses his strategies and insight to empower business owners and entrepreneurs with the knowledge to avoid the potential pitfalls of selling their businesses. The book is ultimately a guide to peace of mind for business owners, giving them the peace of mind knowing that they maximized their profit on their business sale and giving them peace of mind that they will be free of “seller’s remorse”. Some of the insider tips for business sellers included in the book are:

  • What you need to ask your business broker before signing;
  • The 5 tips to maximizing the sale price of your business;
  • The 5 keys to limiting exposure from contract representations;
  • Factors you need to know so that you get paid every penny when financing the sale; and
  • How to make sure the information you disclose is kept confidential.

For A Limited Time, Get The Book At No Cost

This practical, no nonsense guide, written to inform and empower business owners and entrepreneurs at any stage of their business, whether they are thinking about selling their business 20 years from now or a month from now, is available for those individuals at no cost for a limited time only. To receive your complimentary copy, enter your contact information in the form below and click the submit button. Your request is confidential and involves no obligation on your part.

NOTE FOR ATTORNEYS: Frequently this book is requested by attorneys. This complimentary offer is intended to benefit “business owners” who are looking to sell their business. If you are an attorney (or acting on behalf of an attorney)we are glad that you are interested in the book and we ask that you purchase a copy. The following is a link for attorneys to purchase the book at If you are not an attorney or attorney staff member, the complimentary, no-obligation order form is below.

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