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About The Internicola Law Firm, P.C.

We Help Brands Win At Franchising

We’re a national franchise law firm, with boutique-level service and relationships. Helping our clients develop, launch and grow their franchise systems is all we do. We believe every brand can win big at franchising.

We’re passionate about franchising!

For 25 years we’ve been helping franchise brands grow. Over 100 national brands rely on us for trusted legal representation and franchising best practices. Our services include franchise development, FDD registrations and renewals, franchise sales compliance, franchisee relations, international franchising, private equity and exit strategies.

Our founders were also franchisors!

We understand the level of support, detail, and commitment that you need from a trusted partner. That’s why our services don’t stop at legal. We’ve also built growth resources and tools for our clients, including FDD registration dashboards, franchise sales compliance guides, franchise development conferences, and a growing Franchise Growth Mastermind Community.

We invest in client relationships!

We’re a long-term relationship focused team dedicated to the growth of our clients. Our fixed fee project based and fixed fee monthly retainer options add value for our client brands, foster a strong working relationship, and supports our core value of always asking how we can help and do more for our clients.

We believe all brands can win big at franchising!

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We Measure Our Wins Through Client Wins

Our Team

Kenneth A. Goss
Franchise Counsel

Our Mission and Values

We’re mission, values, and client services driven. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and franchising.

Our Mission:

Is to provide growing brands with the legal support they need, resources to grow, and strategies to win at franchising!

Our Core Values:

  1. Going above and beyond for our clients without expectations is what we do.
  2. We do what we say we will do.
  3. We value time: our clients’, our own, and each other’s.
  4. We always ask how we can help and do more for our clients.
  5. Our clients consider our team to be an extension of their own team.
  6. Positivity is a driving force behind everything we do for our clients.
  7. We consistently improve who we are and what we do to better serve our clients.