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Client Reviews - The Internicola Law Firm, P.C.

Charles has been an outstanding resource and I don't think I could possibly offer strong enough praise for the service that he has provided. Although his subject matter expertise is truly impressive, I have to say that he's tied with his associate, Brian Lincer, as my absolute favorite attorney to work with of all time. He has truly been a pleasure to work with and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a business or franchise attorney.
- M.G. (actual client name kept on file to maintain privacy)

Business Litigation Client Reviews

Charles Internicola is a Partnership Dispute Lawyer Who Breaks the Mold!

We all know the reputation that lawyers have. They are at the top of the list of those used at the butt of countless jokes painting them as inhuman and illegitimate. I'd have to admit that with my experience with lawyers over years, both professionally and personally, most of them deserve that place. But of course not all lawyers are dubious and dangerous, there are always exceptions to the rule. I'd like to point out that Charles Internicola is not only an exception to the rule, but he is heads and shoulders above even those I consider legitimate lawyers.

I had an issue with my business partners regarding finances and expenditures that had me on my heels, stressed in my family life, and unsure as to how to proceed with my future, along with making going to my business daily and facing my partners a progressively more difficult task. Determined to resolve the matter I searched out a lawyer who would be capable of answering all of my concerns. Having had a number of bad experiences with lawyers in the past I was determined to search for the best. The internet has been a blessing for researchers in many fields, and I discovered just how much research had been done regarding lawyers and their specialties. It was daunting. A few hundred articles and blogs later, I came across one of Mr. Internicola's articles. To say the least, I was impressed. I decided to call Mr. Internicola's office. Before talking with Mr. Internicola, my matter had to be vetted by his staff. Mr. Internicola's staff were talented with dealing clients with a wide array of business troubles. In fact, their composure and efficiency was in itself very helpful to my stress. Being a business owner I know how much a staff reflects the boss's persona and capabilities. My entire experience culminated with my discourse with Mr. Internicola. He had looked over my Shareholder's Agreement with a fine tooth comb and clarified and securitized my position with my partners. The imagined leverage which could possibly be used against me was dispelled. My life and business could finally move on. Mr. Internicola resolved the entire problem in a matter of days.

If I may add icing to the cake, Mr. Internicola proved to be more than just an excellent Lawyer specializing in legal battles with franchises and partnership agreements. Not only did he put a legal cap on my Shareholder's Agreement, but he added a human perspective on how I might proceed with my partners here on forward, a sober outlook on weighing out my options. At the end of our dealings which turned out to be brief I wanted to settle our business. I was shocked to hear these two words, "No fee." Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and human, that sums up Charles Internicola and his talented staff.

- MK (Original letter on file)

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Business Transaction Client Reviews

Excellent Services in Executing the Purchase of my Business

After having met with several attorneys Mr. Lincer was clearly a cut above. His overall professionalism and legal knowledge was exemplary and pivotal in the matter I had retained him for. He provided excellent service and was meticulous in executing the purchase of my business.

…provided excellent service

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Buying a Franchise Client Reviews

Learning Express Franchisee Client Review of The Internicola Law Firm

Jennifer Schanker, Franchisee of Learning Express Toys, Holmdel, New Jersey

"I have been fortunate to have worked with several different members. Charles was great because I had my heart set on the franchise, but he still did his due diligence and he ran me a full report on the FDD and let me know what he thought might be some red flags. With Brian, he came to the closing for me and he was cool. Everything flowed, he was smooth, he knew what he was doing and we went through it quickly. It was a good experience. My most favorite person was Samantha because, not only having to sign the Franchise Agreement, I took the SBA loan out and it was very intensive, so she was there every step of the way. She was on top of it. I had a million other things to do to get the business off the ground. She took the SBA portion of it off my plate."

Excellent Franchise Firm

I found The Internicola Law Firm team to be extremely excellent and responsive. They have been by far the best experience thus far in the process of purchasing a franchise business. From inception to completion of legal services, they were A+ in every category and in reference to their retainer cost, they are by far the best bang in comparison to the other firms that I vetted before choosing Internicola. I highly recommend this firm for franchise legal services.

- W E (Real Client - Name redacted for privacy but actual record on file)

FDD Review Client

"I trust [The Internicola Law Firm], I can't tell you how approachable they are. They're always attainable. Whenever I call, they get right back to me. My questions are very specific so I want my attorney to be very specific in what they do. Please try the Internicola Law Firm. They are the best."

- R T

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Franchising Client Reviews

Charles Internicola Knows Franchise Law and What is Best for His Clients

There's a reason that I included a couple of paragraphs from Charles in my franchise book.

It's because he cares.

Charles is a New York franchise attorney, and that alone automatically puts him in a certain place. A place of toughness. And, that's a good thing, especially if you're a franchisor, and you need some tough love because your franchise contract is week. Or, cloudy.

Charles is all about protection. And, it's not just franchisors that he protects. If you're a franchisee, he'll do battle for you too.

Joel Libava

Franchise Selection Specialists, Inc.
The Franchise King
Author of "Become a Franchise Owner: The Start-Up Guide to Lowering Risk, Making Money, And Owning What You Do"

Professional Attorneys Keeping Your Mind at Ease

Michael Burke, Denino’s

"The Internicola Law Firm has been great. It was very seamless, there were no problems, they keep your mind at ease. Very professional."

Charles Internicola: A Lawyer Who Knows About Franchising

I inquired for Charles to interview the CEO of my security guard company about franchising, he was personable and asked great questions. He knows the franchising business like the back of his hand! Would use him again for franchising tips and advice, thank you again Charles!

- Teja, guardNOW

"…knows franchising like the back of his hand"

"Simply the best."

I have been working with Charles and Brian for my Franchise business (Area Developer for NJ) and they are simply the best, easy to work with, knowledgeable, professional, responsive and expert in their field. It is like working with a family member. Even though when I wanted to have a long-term contract with them and, for sure, I will not hesitate to have one when I need, they were honest to let me know that, for now, I did not need one and saved my money. They understood our concerns very well and also provided valuable guidelines when I fell short of knowledge, considering that I am new to franchise business. I am glad that I found Charles and his team and it has been absolutely wonderful working with them. They closed the deal for us in a timely manner, negotiated with the franchisor very well and protected our rights like no one else can do. I would definitely recommend Charles for anyone who is looking for business/franchise lawyer. You will not repent!!!

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Partnership Disputes Client Reviews

Extremely Professional and Diligent NY and NJ Partnership Dispute Lawyer

I wanted to say thank you, for all that you have done throughout my matter. Besides being extremely professional & diligent, you have made this very stressful situation extremely manageable. Thanks again!

- TJ (Original letter on file)

"Extremely Professional and Diligent…"

The Internicola Law Firm is Your Secret Weapon in Business!

Charles and his team are nothing short of wonderful!! Being in a terrible business relationship was one of the most difficult times in my career. Having Charles Internicola in my corner to protect my interests and deliver sound advice was absolutely invaluable. I was in a business partnership where my (x-partner) was in drugs and his recklessness and irrational behavior made it seemingly impossible to imagine a way out of the endless disputes and hurtles. I distinctly recall Charles smiling at me and resting his hand on my shoulder and saying "please don't be nervous, you have absolutely nothing to worry about." This may seem like an ordinary, maybe an even corny description of an example of his confidence and leadership, however those words from Charles at that particular moment in time meant so much to me. It marked a pivotal point in the process where I made the conscious decision to actually "trust" a lawyer 100%. You see, weather I knew it or not at the time, Charles had placed me in the optimal position of leverage against my former partner at every step of the way. That moment simply marked the point where I literally trusted him with my life.

Choosing Charles to represent me was the best decision I could've made! Charles Internicola is a man of character, integrity, charm, savvy and legal brilliance.

It is about 15 months since Charles Internicola helped facilitate an amicable and sensible end of litigation with an insane x-partner. To this day, I am still truly amazed at his competence and how invaluable his representation was to me. I would invite anyone who would like to speak with me personally to email me at I am thrilled to recommend the Internicola Law Firm to ANYONE looking to hire the very best franchise and business lawyers on earth!

Patrick S.

…The Internicola Law Firm is your secret weapon in business!

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