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What Our Clients Say

Emerging Franchisors

Ice Cream Emergency
“The Internicola Law Firm was recommended to us by a friend to assist with our franchise business. Brian Lincer and the entire team is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable. They have a vast knowledge and experience of the franchise industry. It is a pleasure to work with them and I would highly recommend them.”
– Debra Arrato Ice Cream Emergency Franchising LLC

“The Internicola Law Firm has been one of the best decisions we made for our start-up franchise. They go well beyond just helping us from a legal perspective. They are truly a trusted partner!”
– Laura Coe, Snapology

I cannot say enough about this amazing TEAM! Charles Internicola, and his entire staff are a very large part of our success. Competent, well versed, professional and friendly are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when describing this dream team.
I highly recommend The Internicola Law Firm for anyone that is looking for a professional team that knows their stuff!
– Jason Mazzarone, SoBol

“Great service and knowledgeable staff. Internicola Law Firm helped franchise Chicken in a Barrel and we just opened our fourth franchise location on November 2nd. Melissa and all the staff have been great to work with.”
– Brent Bierma, Chicken in a Barrel BBQ

“Internicola Law Firm handles all of The Warrior Factory Franchise material. They work quick and efficient. Super fast turnaround time. If you’re on the fence, lean towards using them!”
– Christopher Fantauzzo, The Warrior Factory

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude toward Charles and his whole team. They made the process of franchising my company from start to finish a great process. I am so happy I found Internicola. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Thank you Charles!”
– Robert Esposito, Relocators

“Everyone at this firm is simply amazing. Their services are top notch and they support franchise owners in every way possible. The staff is incredibly responsive and helpful – we wouldn’t be growing as a company without their support! They are invaluable to us and we think of everyone at Internicola Law Firm as a part of our own team. I couldn’t recommend them more highly to companies looking for legal counsel and franchise support.”
– Natalie Perkins, Bella Ballerina

“These guys are amazing!! Extremely Knowledgeable & easy to work with!”
– Jake Rankin, Talem Home Care

“I’m so thankful to have found the Internicola Law Firm. Charles and his team have been thoughtful, thorough and easy to work with in the launch of our G-FORCE franchise concept for veterans. Highly recommend.”
– Jack Child, G-FORCE

“The Internicola Law Firm has been one of the best advisors we’ve found for our franchise. As an emerging brand, they accommodated to our needs and have go well beyond just helping us from a legal perspective. They are truly a trusted partner!”
– Saurabh Agarwal, Jomsom Staffing

“The Internicola Law Firm helped us get our franchise documents in order in a swift amount of time, and made the process of filing our business to sell franchises a breeze. The staff was so knowledgable and helpful. We couldn’t be happier with our experience working with this awesome group of people.”
– Stacy Rudin, Otto’s Tacos (5-Star Review from Yelp)

“We were a new franchise and were referred to Charles. From the beginning, they were very helpful, professional and helped us get our franchise set up with minimal effort. They are truly professionals and know the franchise world like no other. Thanks Charles!”
– Tom Duff, MasterTech Environmental

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Industry Professionals

“There’s a reason that I included a couple of paragraphs from Charles in my franchise book.It’s because he cares.
Charles is a New York franchise attorney, and that alone automatically puts him in a certain place. A place of toughness. And, that’s a good thing, especially if you’re a franchisor, and you need some tough love because your franchise contract is week. Or, cloudy.
Charles is all about protection. And, it’s not just franchisors that he protects. If you’re a franchisee, he’ll do battle for you too.”
– Joel Libava, Franchise Selection Specialists, Inc.
The Franchise King
Author of “Become a Franchise Owner: The Start-Up Guide to Lowering Risk, Making Money, And Owning What You Do

“Charles and his amazing team have been consummate professionals in every application. From trademark and copyright issues, to business legal advice, every one of the team members deliver amazing customer service and expert advice at every turn. Our agency not only relies on their services, but we recommend all our small business clients to their team as well.”
– Dan Antonelli, KickCharge Creative

Franchise Buyers

“I have been fortunate to have worked with several different members. Charles was great because I had my heart set on the franchise, but he still did his due diligence and he ran me a full report on the FDD and let me know what he thought might be some red flags. With Brian, he came to the closing for me and he was cool. Everything flowed, he was smooth, he knew what he was doing and we went through it quickly. It was a good experience. My most favorite person was Samantha because, not only having to sign the Franchise Agreement, I took the SBA loan out and it was very intensive, so she was there every step of the way. She was on top of it. I had a million other things to do to get the business off the ground. She took the SBA portion of it off my plate.
– Jennifer Shanker, The Learning Experience FDD Review

“Brian reviewed and negotiated both our franchise agreement and lease contracts. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and a true pleasure to work with. He was very responsive to any questions or concerns that we had and we couldn’t have had a better experience with Brian and his very friendly and professional staff.”
– Valerie O’Niell, Frutta Bowls FDD Review

“I hired Brian to review a franchise agreement. Brian proved to be very knowledgeable in franchise law as well as provided excellent customer service. He distilled the agreement down to a few key issues I should focus on, clearly explained my options, and provided guidance based on his experience in the franchise industry whether the franchisor was reputable or not. I will be using Brian as my franchise attorney moving forward and would highly recommend him to others.”
– Jim Moletto, Club Z! FDD Review

“I highly recommend Brian for many reasons. First, he is an expert in regards to Franchising. His depth of knowledge was off the charts. He was sharp as a tact and answered all of my questions and concerns in great detail. Second, he has ethics. I truly feel he was honest with me and gave me credible advice. He made me feel extremely comfortable. Third, and most importantly, he surrounds himself with staff that are first class. Samantha and Gina were absolutely incredible. They answered all of my questions and got the job done based upon my timeline. And lastly, there good people who genuinely care about the work their doing. I highly recommend Brian and his staff. You will not be disappointed.”
– Ron Adelstein, The MAX Challenge FDD Review

“I’m [buying] a franchise, and as a lawyer myself I know one needs expert advice from an expert in the specific area. Don’t go to your cousin the lawyer for your franchise advice!
I’ll confess I spoke with Brian a bit to get a level of confidence but that took about 3 minutes before it became clear that Brian really really knows franchising.
AND The service and responsiveness is terrific! We’re still working together and I expect it will be a long term relationship.”
– Aaron Bernstein, F-45 Training FDD Review

“The Internicola firm is the best! I worked with Brian, Krysten and Alyssa. They helped me a lot and were very responsive. Brian is very knowledgeable and helped me negotiate the FA to what I wanted! Highly recommend.”
– Aline Gadalkin, Impact Strong FDD Review

“Great team to work with. Very professional and detail oriented. We used them to review franchise agreement and very happy with it. Definitely use them for future needs.”
– Bhaumik Shah, Kono Pizza FDD Review

“Being inexperienced in business but having an idea I wanted to put to market left me with a need for guidance. After my initial consultation with Brian he could have persuaded me to start my business prematurely but instead gave me reasonable advice to get my product worked out first and make sure it was marketable. GREAT ADVICE! I rewarded his honesty and knowledge by hiring him. Fortunately, with Brian you get his great staff as a bonus. They are friendly, professional, and quick to reply to inquiries. Lawyers are expensive because their advice and efforts are necessary to get through complex rules and regulations. When you get one like Brian and his office, you get a reasonable price for excellent service and that type of piece of mind knowing that you are getting trusted guidance is priceless.”
– Dan Poane, Stumpy’s Hatchet House FDD Review

Mr. Internicola offered me extremely valuable advice by ensure that my FDD was written fairly and had my best interests in mind. All of his recommendations were well thought out and specific to my business. They were not cookie cutter responses. All the requested updates he made were very reasonable not only from my perspective but from the perspective of the Franchisor. All requested changes were accepted by the Franchisor. Both Mr. Internicola and his assistant Samantha were both extremely responsive and accommodating to my schedule. Both were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to friends.
– Michael, FDD Review

“[Brian”] took the guesswork out of the FDD, provided material to understand our risks and signed off on a leveled playing field where we were able to control our success or failure. Clearly they helped eliminate unknown risks.
Our first meeting with Charles focused on the “why” and not the “what.” Why did we want to invest, why not upsize our house residence instead of risk an investment. That is what we needed, not an attorney who thought an idea was good to run with.
I commend them on their end to end process and will deal with them in the future. Thanks Charles, Brian and Sam.”

“Mr. Internicola took the time out to explain everything to me and insured my protection throughout my franchise purchase.
Mr. Internicola was extremely detailed in his review of my franchise agreement and pointed out many points in the agreement that i needed to understand. He took the time to explain every point both positive and negative and insured my protection throughout the negotiation. He made me feel as I was protected now and in the future.”
– Lance Meaney

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Business Transactions

“I can personally testify that Internicola Law Firm provides the most exceptional and painless process to building a brand and protecting that brand.
Amazing service from start to finish. Easy to deal with and they took care of everything for me. I hired them for their knowledge and expertise and they surpassed my expectations.”
– Yuda Best
Oasis Plumbing

“Great professional customer service. I recommend this law firm for your business endeavors.”
– Aaron Crump

“We utilized the Internicola Law Firm for legal review of a Franchise Disclosure Document and had nothing but a positive and easy experience. Samantha Cavitolo made the entire onboarding process a seamless one, from getting us set up, to timely communications, to navigating our way through revisions and getting them in the hands of the lawyer handling our review. Brian Lincer, the lawyer who handled our review, is a total pro and distilled down the almost 400 page document into a few pages that we can understand as business owners, all while giving us areas where he thought we should go back and negotiate to protect ourselves. We fully intend on hiring the firm for all future legal services we may need. Would recommend to any business requiring legal services on an ongoing or ad hoc basis.”
– Brittany Page (5 Stars: FDD Review)

“Mr. Internicola’s office is true professionalism. Brian Lincer and his team were very thorough every step of the way, ensuring we were covering all our bases. What more could you ask for. Definitely a 5 star to me.”
– Teresa Smith

We worked attorney Brian Lincer… at Internicola Law firm for our commercial office lease and few other matters. It was absolutely pleasure working with both of them and their staff. They are very knowledgeable and helped us through the process. They are very professional and delivered excellent service to us. I highly recommend them.
– Niranjan Mulay

“After having met with several attorneys Mr. Lincer was clearly a cut above. His overall professionalism and legal knowledge was exemplary and pivotal in the matter I had retained him for. He provided excellent service and was meticulous in executing the purchase of my business.”

Business Litigation

“Charles has been an outstanding resource and I don’t think I could possibly offer strong enough praise for the service that he has provided. Although his subject matter expertise is truly impressive, I have to say that he’s tied with his associate, Brian Lincer, as my absolute favorite attorney to work with of all time. He has truly been a pleasure to work with and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a business or franchise attorney.”
– M.G. (actual client name kept on file to maintain privacy)

“We all know the reputation that lawyers have. They are at the top of the list of those used at the butt of countless jokes painting them as inhuman and illegitimate. I’d have to admit that with my experience with lawyers over years, both professionally and personally, most of them deserve that place. But of course not all lawyers are dubious and dangerous, there are always exceptions to the rule. I’d like to point out that Charles Internicola is not only an exception to the rule, but he is heads and shoulders above even those I consider legitimate lawyers.
…Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and human, that sums up Charles Internicola and his talented staff.”
– MK (Original letter on file)

Thank you for ALL of your help. You and your Counselor’s did a fantastic job in representing me. Special thanks, she is truly a professional in litigation.
– FP (Original letter on file)

…You were exemplary in squeezing my tiny case into your workflow, incredibly thoughtful and generous. I was a lucky person to have you represent me. I will be sure to point you out anytime in the future when people are talking trash about lawyers or when anyone is looking for a good business lawyer. As well, if my plans work out well within a year, I will have my own small business and will be confident to know I have the best legal representation if ever need be….
Thank you for everything,
– M B (Real Client – Name redacted for privacy but actual record on file)

“…For me, what sets [Charles] apart from other attorneys is how he seems to treat my case as if it were happening to him personally. Almost like being represented by a family member. In other words, he cares. At the same time, he conducts himself as such without sacrificing an ounce of professionalism. It is nice to be represented by an attorney who cares more about his client than in making friends with opposing counsel. Aside from all that he is not only tough when he needs to be, but he has an excellent understanding of the issues in my case and seems really knowledgeable on the applicable laws. I don’t know if the other side likes him, but they certainly have to respect him. I am glad I have Charles and his staff on my team and, going forward, I am confident that I have the best representation possible. I give my highest recommendation.”
– G R (Real Client – Name redacted for privacy but actual record on file)

The Internicola Law Firm is Your Secret Weapon in Business!
Charles and his team are nothing short of wonderful!! …Having Charles Internicola in my corner to protect my interests and deliver sound advice was absolutely invaluable….You see, weather I knew it or not at the time, Charles had placed me in the optimal position of leverage…at every step of the way…Choosing Charles to represent me was the best decision I could’ve made! Charles Internicola is a man of character, integrity, charm, savvy and legal brilliance…To this day, I am still truly amazed at his competence and how invaluable his representation was to me. I would invite anyone who would like to speak with me personally to email me at I am thrilled to recommend the Internicola Law Firm to ANYONE looking to hire the very best franchise and business lawyers on earth!
Patrick S.

Client Reviews – The Internicola Law Firm, P.C. and Charles Internicola

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